Who we are ?

Ameya Finishing Solutions Private Limited was specially formed for Cathodic Electro Deposition or CED coating. It services large automotive companies such as:
Ameya Finishing Solutions was set up in 2014 with its members having more than 20 years of experience in this industry and with experienced manpower in this field. It boasts of being one of the largest CED coating facilities in Pune district.

Manpower is our primary asset. We have trained, educated, and experienced technicians on the floor who ensure top-most quality at all times.


Our facility in Pune is fully automated, which ensures that each and every parameter of the process is met and followed, without any manual interpolation. This reflects ultimately in each of the products we produce. We offer the best in terms of quality in all our processes, products and services.

We have another facility just next to our original facility with a coating capacity of up to 2.5 lakh sq mtrs month. This facility has a storage capacity of 20,000 sq. ft. and with covered parking space of 50,000 sq. ft considering logistics volumes. This helps us to grow our operations and cater to more clients every day.

Our key locations in Pune allow us easy and convenient access to transport, material and spares, which increases our productivity further. Both our facilities are next to each other. The advantage of having two facilities is that there is always an immediate back-up ready for any contingencies.

We have all the certifications necessary to run a world-class facility as well as we are certified for IATF16949:2016 & ISO 9001-2015.

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We aim to be largest facility in the state.

Our Coated Chassis to These Vehicles

Our Facilities

Facility 1

  • Area: 5500 sq mtrs
  • Coating capacity of 1.5 lakh sq. mtrs per month
  • Runs fully in auto cycles
  • Installed in the June, 2014
  • Runs three transporter system autoloader/unloader, and two gas fired ovens
  • The tank size of this facility is 1.6 mtrs x 2 mtrs x 4.7 mtrs long
  • The shade area is 13000 sq ft with fully covered storage of 10000 sq ft

Facility 2

  • Area: 20,000 sq. ft. covered shade and 50,000 parking space
  • Coating capacity of 2.5 lakh sq. mtrs per month with storage
  • Camelback oven, which gives uniform and consistent results all the times and fully automatic
  • Tank size is 6 mtrs long x 2.5 mtrs deep x 2 mtrs wide
  • This facility is having 20000 sq ft fully covered storage area with 50000 sq ft for logistics
    considering the volume of the components